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A Gleam of Solidarity and Networking at the International Mining Convention in Acapulco

October 25, 2023 - Acapulco, México

RKT INTERNATIONAL Shines in Networking at the International Mining Convention

Acapulco, Guerrero - The Thirty-Fifth International Mining Convention brought together the mining industry under the slogan "Mining for a New World." In the midst of this environment of intellectual and commercial exchange, RKT INTERNATIONAL stood out for its commitment and active participation in networking activities. Among the notable companies RKT INTERNATIONAL established contacts with were Grupo México, Minera Cuzcatlan, and Minera Frisco. Juan Pablo Membreno, Sales Executive of RKT, and Ryan Erwin, Country Manager of RKT, along with the company's CEO, Raúl Smith, played a crucial role during the event. The convention aimed to consolidate mining activities internationally.

RKT INTERNATIONAL Extends a Helping Hand after Hurricane Otis

However, what no one expected was that Acapulco would be hit by Hurricane Otis during the convention. Amidst the chaos caused by this natural disaster, RKT INTERNATIONAL expressed its deepest condolences and solidarity with the people affected in Acapulco. The RKT team extended their thoughts and best wishes to all those affected by this natural disaster, reminding everyone of the unpredictability and power of nature, and the importance of being prepared to respond to emergencies. In addition to words of support, RKT INTERNATIONAL is taking concrete steps to assist the affected community.

The company is closely collaborating with disaster relief organizations to supply generators and other essential supplies to the areas hit by the hurricane. The swift response of RKT INTERNATIONAL amidst adversity demonstrates not only its commitment to the mining industry but also its dedication to being a positive agent of change in the communities where it operates.

The company continues to work tirelessly to aid in Acapulco's recovery and provide support to those who need it most during this challenging time.


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