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Mining Equipment for Sale


The 830E-5 is an advanced 240-ton capacity dump truck with improved technology. It features a Cummins engine, reduced fuel consumption, low noise emissions, and the potential for autonomous operation.

  • 2,014 kW / 2,700 HP engine power

  • 408,875 kg operating weight

  • 230,000 kg payload capacity


250XPC Rotary Drilling Rig: Powerful, specialized design for coal, copper, and diamond mines worldwide. Capable of loading drill bits up to 40,823 kg (90,000 pounds), with hole diameters of 250 and 270 mm

  • Up to 40,823 kg (90,000 pounds) of drill pipe load capacity

  • High-strength track frames and superior propulsion

  • Maximum hole depth of 59.4 m (195 feet) for single-pass mast.

P&H 250XPC
Punching Machine

Faster, efficient on steep slopes and rough terrains. 16-cylinder Diesel Engine C175-16, high performance and towing power. Superior empty weight and HP box option. Cat transmission and APECS controls for optimal power. Lock-up torque converter and Cat final drives for maximum power.

  • Payload Capacity: 231 metric tons

  • Gross Machine Weight: 386,007 kg

  • Gross Power: SAE J1995 1,976 kW

CAT 793F

4100XPC: Leading electric shovel for high-production, low-cost mines, maximizing machine availability and equipment output.

  • Nominal payload of 108.9 tons (120 metric tons).

  • Nominal bucket capacity of 52.8 to 61.2 m3 (69 to 82 cubic yards).

  • Ideal for haul trucks weighing 218 to 363 tons (240 to 400 metric tons) and high-capacity crusher-conveyor systems (over 8000 tph) in the mine.

P&H 4100XPC

Electric Rope Shovels

Durable Komatsu buckets: strong steel, replaceable wear plates, reinforced corners, edges, and spill guard. Capacity: 11.5 m³ - 13 m³.

  • Operating weight 116,400 kg (236,330 lb).

  • Net flywheel horsepower (SAE) 899 hp (638 kW) 2,050 rpm (2,050 rpm).

  • Bucket capacity (SAE) 13.0 m³ (17.0 yd³) @ 1.8 t/m³ (1.8 t/m³)



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