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RKT International Broadens its Presence in Mexico with Strategic Meetings

Raúl Smith, CEO of RKT, strengthens relationships and fosters collaboration to enhance synergies during his recent itinerary across renowned mining companies in Mexico.

RKT International, a renowned leader in supplying components for large-scale mining, has reaffirmed its commitment to the Mexican market through strategic meetings with four pillars of the mining industry: Tizapa Mining Company, Equinox Gold Corp, Mining Media Luna, and Mining Peñasquito.

Peñasquito (Newmont)

During his recent itinerary, led by Raúl Smith, CEO of RKT International, potential synergies were explored, and commercial ties were strengthened with these flagship companies. Mina Media Luna, boasting a subterranean deposit primarily rich in gold, copper, and silver, presents a crucial opportunity for synergies in developing and supplying specialized components for underground operations. On the other hand, Minera Peñasquito, Mexico's largest gold producer, comprised of two open pits containing gold, silver, lead, and zinc, offers a strategic collaboration landscape for implementing innovative and efficient technologies in extracting precious metals and base minerals.


"We are committed to establishing solid and strategic relationships with highly reputable companies in the Mexican mining industry. These meetings not only reinforce our bonds but also pave the way for potential mutually beneficial collaborations," expressed Raúl Smith during his meetings with representatives from both companies.

The outstanding excellence in supplying components for large-scale mining is the cornerstone of RKT International. This strategic focus reflects the company's commitment to innovation, quality, and advancement in Mexico's mining industry, cementing its position as an undisputed leader in this sector and laying the groundwork for fruitful and sustainable collaboration in the future.


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