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We boost Peruvian Mining with the supply of KOMATSU Wheel Motors

It is with great satisfaction that RKT INTERNATIONAL announces the successful delivery of two units of Wheel Motors NP: PB9732 for Komatsu haul trucks in Peru. This reflects our commitment to strengthen and enhance the mining industry in the country.

Thanks to their specialized design, these wheel motors offer exceptional traction on challenging terrains, enabling efficient transportation of heavy loads and reducing operation times.

We also take care of the Logistics

Not only do we supply the Wheel Motors, but we also take responsibility for the logistics involved in handling each unit weighing over 800 KG. Working closely with our client allows us to ensure a smooth and secure delivery, guaranteeing that the components arrive punctually and in perfect condition at their final destination.

Our client has decided to remanufacture the wheel motors using Komatsu parts. This will extend their lifespan and contribute to the circular economy cycle in the industry.

At RKT INTERNATIONAL, our focus is on providing comprehensive solutions to our clients, and this collaboration is a clear example of how our business relationships go beyond a simple delivery. Our company takes pride in being a strategic partner to our clients, offering not only high-quality products but also customized solutions to meet their specific needs.

We thank our clients for trusting RKT INTERNATIONAL as their preferred supplier, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate on projects that contribute to the development and success of the mining industry in Peru and around the world.


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